Forest School at Magdalen Gates 

Forest School is a specialised and inspirational learning approach that provides all learners with experiences in an outdoor, natural environment.  At Magdalen Gates, this is our own Forest School area in the KS2 playground.  The natural setting for Forest School and the regular contact learners have with it, will help to develop a respect for our planet, thus shaping learners as well as all others involved, into environmentally aware citizens for their future. 

Within this setting, learners can develop their confidence, resilience, creativity, independence, and self-esteem.  By following learners’ individual interests, the learner is given the freedom to take appropriate risks, whether that be playing in the mud kitchen,  working with tools, or climbing a tree.  This can give the learner a sense of personal achievement therefore helping to build self-esteem.  Learning will be practical and learner-led but will be facilitated by the Forest School Leader and Forest School Assistant. 

Our Forest School sessions take place once a week, throughout all seasons.  Each class in KS1 and KS2, experiences Forest School for a half term every year.  The timetable has been created so that as a pupil goes through the school from Y1 to Y6, they will always encounter Forest School in a different season.