You may be familiar with Tapestry Journals, as they are often used in Nurseries, Pre-schools and EYFS (Early Years). As a school we found Tapestry invaluable for parents and staff in EYFS; parents enjoyed following and commenting on their child’s learning journal and it was useful for sharing information, so we decided to roll it out across the school in 2017.

We use Tapestry to set all homework online. This is part of our pledge to reduce paper use and wastage, but also prevents the ‘I’ve lost my homework’ scenarios! Homework can then be photographed and uploaded or typed directly into Tapestry, ready for your child’s Teachers to look at and comment on.

Also we have added access to each child’s ‘About me’ page. This allows you and your child(ren) to sit down together to fill in the ‘About me’ section of their Tapestry accounts, so your child’s Teacher can get to know things about your child’s life outside school too.

Our vision

Our vision is for every child to have at least 1 adult who is active on Tapestry.

Ideally the adult should log on at least once or twice a week to be able to follow the child(ren)’s learning journey & to read any news and comments.

We are very passionate about our aim to get all parents registered as we believe that you as parents and carers are an essential part of your child(ren)’s learning journey. Good communication and collaboration are the foundations of the partnership between home and school and Tapestry allows this partnership to grow through sharing of information, comments from Teachers and parents and the ‘About me’ section to add information about your child.

Tapestry Tutorials

The links below will give you more information about using Tapestry. These tutorials are for people who have been set up as relatives on Tapestry accounts. Hopefully they will answer some of the questions you have about Tapestry and help you to get used to the system.

Introductory walk through of the browser version

How to change your email address/password

How to set notification preferences

Why photos aren’t showing up

Deleting an observation or comment

Viewing and commenting on a report

How to download learning journals and media

Login troubleshooting

Further help

Tapestry help in school

These links will give you basic help, but if you need further help, or would like to sign up to Tapestry, please email the school on

Alternatively you can pop into the office, where the staff there will be able to tell you the best way to get help.

If you require an in person appointment please email to arrange an appointment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me – I’m here to help!

I hope you enjoy using Tapestry and being part of your child(ren)’s learning journey.

Victoria Arnull
Communications assistant

Contact –