The Parent/Teacher association of Magdalen Gates needs your help

We understand that some of you may feel it awkward or find it difficult to join the association as you don’t know what it’s about?

It’s all about finding ways to help fund our kids school projects and buying equipment they get to use, from books to playground equipment or even funding school trips

You may feel like you have nothing to contribute? But just some of your time is as important as ideas and skills, enthusiasm is one of the things we need most!

Helping to supervise or operating a stall at an event, even dropping letters into local businesses asking for donations is great. Perhaps you have a professional skill you could help us out with?

Maybe you run or know someone who runs a local business who could help in some way?

We always try to vary the times of our meeting to accommodate as many parents as we can, some after drop off, some before pick up. Even if you have younger siblings/babies with you we are more than happy for you to bring them along. For our newer parents this could be a good way to meet other new parents

We welcome ALL parents/carers and we all can contribute. We are such a wonderfully diverse school and being able to tap into that diversity helps to makes us better

Without the effort and support of parents we literally cannot function

All the funds we raise go towards supporting the school and our children

Please if you think you could help or contribute in any way and would like to help your child’s school buy things they otherwise couldn’t afford then email or say hello through the window at the main office, even just mention to your child’s teacher that you would like to get involved in some way