A child caring for a parent, sibling or other family member who may have a long term illness or disability, mental health problems, learning disability or misuse of alcohol/drugs.

Many young carers are not recognised or are ‘hidden’ and may find it difficult to balance their own needs and those they are caring for. At Magdalen Gates we pride ourselves in doing our best to recognise who our young carers are and emphasise that it’s something to be proud of!

Young Carers are skilled in many ways because of their caring experiences but understandably, carrying out responsibilities can result in physical and emotional tiredness. This can have an effect on their school work, relationships with friends, and ability to engage in leisure activities.


Children at our school, who are young carers, identify themselves as ‘Care Rangers’. We run a KS1 lunchtime club on a Friday and a KS2 club after school on a Wednesday-an opportunity to meet with others, relax and have fun! Our Care Rangers base is in the Eco Room. Parents/Carers sign a form to consent for their child to participate in the after school club. Sometimes, we take our Care Rangers on trips off site.


We were the very first primary school in Norfolk to win the NYCF Young Carers Friendly Tick Award! We created a Young Carers in School Resource pack-now used across schools in the UK!

If you would like to know more about Care Rangers and what makes somebody a young carer, please visit out notice board in school to find out more or contact one of our Care Ranger staff members.



Mrs Michelle Humphreys – Year 4 Class Teacher

Ms C Brown – Parent Support Advisor

Miss Victoria Arnull –Music tutor and Communications Assistant

Mrs Rose Chapman – Educational Assistant (PAEDIATRIC FIRST AID TRAINED)

Mr Darren Hurrell – Yr 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Steph Walker – EA and ELSA