We all have a statutory duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and at our school we take this responsibility seriously.

If you have any concerns about a child or young person in our school, you must share this information immediately with our Designated Safeguarding Lead (the Headteacher) or one of the alternate post holders.

Do not think that your worry is insignificant if it is about hygiene, appearance or behaviour- we would rather you told us as we would rather know about something that appears small than miss a worrying situation.

If you think the matter is very serious and may be related to child protection, for example-  physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect, you must find one of the designated professionals detailed below and provide them with a written record of your concern.  A copy of the form to complete is available from the school office- please ensure you complete all sections as described.

If you are unable to locate office staff, please ask an alternative member of staff to help you find someone stating the matter is urgent and confidential.  Alternatively seek out a member of the School Leadership Team.

Any allegation concerning a member of staff, a child’s foster carer/parent or a volunteer should be reported immediately to the Headteacher or the Senior Leader in charge.  If an allegation is made about the Headteacher you should pass this information on to the Chair of the Governing Body.

The people you should talk to in school are:

Chris Hutchinson                        Headteacher

Chloe Demeuzois                         Assistant Head – Achievement

Will Turnpenny                              Assistant Head – Inclusion

Tina Callaghan                             EYFS KS1 Lead

Emma Kingston                             Yr 6 and KS2 Lead

Karen Orford                                  School Secretary and Extended School hours Manager

Liz Howard                                     Parent Support Advisor

Please see leaflet for more information: