Magdalen Gates Primary School is very proud to be an accredited School of Sanctuary. The Schools of Sanctuary project is a network of over 300 primary and secondary schools with a joint commitment to creating a culture of welcome and inclusion for refugees and for people seeking asylum. We aim to directly support the young people and families seeking sanctuary in the UK; educate our children and communities about what it means to seek asylum, why people across the world are driven to leave their homes and seek refuge, and the issues which face people in this position. 

As well as being a pressing and important issue for us to speak about, we believe that the specific issues facing those who seek sanctuary offer a prism for children to understand themselves and the world around them. As well as choosing texts which directly link to this issue throughout the year and partnering with local organisations like New Routes and the Nest Project, we celebrate our commitment to this topic annually by taking part in Norfolk Welcomes and Refugee Week. 

New Leaves Project - Year 5

Children hand stitched leaves to be made into an amazing “nest of welcome”, working with local artists, Bekah and Claire from the Nest Project. The nest was displayed in the Forum in Norwich during Refugee Week 2021.  

If you’d like to learn more about our approach to this work and inclusion more broadly, you can watch the video of our Assistant Head for Inclusion, Will Turnpenny, delivering a talk to trainee teachers from the Norfolk Teacher Training Centre.

Skip to the end to watch a collaborative poem performance made during lockdown.